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What is Critical Skills Work Visa?

There are certain skills and qualifications which are deemed critical by the government of South Africa. In these instances, foreigners with such qualifications and/or skills may be able to obtain a Critical Skills Work Visa. Applicants wishing to apply for the Critical Skills Work Visa need to make sure their skills and/or qualifications match those required.

Critical Skills Work Visa Requirements:

An application for a Critical Skills Work Visa has to be accompanied by proof that the applicant falls
within the critical skills category in the form of:

  • A confirmation, in writing, from the professional body, council or board recognised by the South African Qualifications Association (SAQA) or any relevant government department confirming the skills or qualifications of the applicant and the appropriate post qualification experience
  • Proof of application for a certificate of registration with the professional body, council or board recognised by SAQA
  • Proof of evaluation of the foreign qualification by SAQA and translated by a sworn translator into one of the official languages of the Republic
  • Proof of employment within 12 months after obtaining the Critical Skills Work Visa in the form of an employment contract
  • Proof of post qualification experience i.e testimonials or reference letters


  • An applicant can enter South Africa without a job offer
  • Visa is based on Critical Skills list defined by the South Africa Home Office
  • Visa is extended to 5 years to a Critical Skills Work Visa
  • Settle with your parents and dependents
  • Clear opportunity for permanent residency
  • No Need of IELTS, PTE or TOEFL


Applications can only be made by those who feature on the critical skills list.

  • Information Communication & Technology
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Business, Economics & Management Studies
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Health Professions & Related Clinical Sciences
  • Life & Earth Science
  • Academics and Researchers
  • Trades


Global development is declining in almost every single part of the world with one exception, Africa. As South Africa is one of the biggest players in terms of the continent’s financial status, there are plenty of opportunities with regards to jobs for foreigners in South Africa. If you are looking for a great place to expand your horizons then you should immigrate to South Africa.


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