A Polish work permit is also known as a polish residence visa as the residence visa entitles the applicant to engage in full time employment in Poland.
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Migrate to one of the finest European Countries - Poland

Migrate to one of the finest European countries. Poland is becoming one of the major countries in the world when it comes to migration. With amazing life benefits and people friendly culture the country has been attracting migrants from all over the world.

Since the country comes under EU it possesses all the well-being just like any other European country. There are many reasons to migrate to Poland; one of the major attractions is unlike other European countries the cost of living in Poland is so less that you can even save up to 60% of your salary if you need to..


Polish Residence/Work Permit

A work permit and residence visa is a necessary requirement for the majority of foreign nationals intending to reside and engage in full-time employment in a foreign country. The individual is legally required to obtain official authorisation to legally partake in full time employment in a country where he/she may not necessarily have the right to work/reside in. Typically a work visa will be in the form a standard document or more commonly, a stamp in your passport. The application process for obtaining a visa can be a highly time consuming experience.


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Categories of Polish Work Permits

  • Type A – applicable to foreign nationals undertaking work on the territory of Poland
  • Type B – applicable to foreign nationals who are at management level
  • Type C – applicable to foreign nationals who are to under employment transfer from their foreign company to their branch in Poland
  • Type D – Applicable to foreign nationals sent to Poland on a contracted assignment on a temporary basis or ad hoc nature.
  • Type E – applicable to foreign nationals employed by a foreign company who is sent to Poland for a maximum period of 3 months to perform work related activities for their employer

Application for a Poland Work Permit/Residence Visa

For a foreign national to relocate and engage in full time employment in Poland they must first receive a concrete job offer from a Polish registered company.  This sponsor company must also agree to apply for the applicants work permit on their behalf as the individual cannot commence employment until he/she receives an approved work permit.

It should be noted that the likeliness of obtaining a work permit depends largely on the type of work you will be undertaking.  If the relevant authorities believe there are enough skilled polish citizens who could undertake that particular job then the permit will not be granted.  Generally, the type of work you will undertake should be within a specialist area and you should have a high level of experience of specialist knowledge in the area.

Required Documents for application of a Polish Visa

  • Valid passport
  • Completed visa application form, signed accordingly
  • 2 x passport photos
  • Documentation demonstrating the applicant’s immigration status
  • Submission of relevant visa application fee
  • Letter from applications Sponsor Company detailing their intent to hire you
  • Copy of applicants’ employment contract
  • Documentation proving your educational and professional qualifications (work permit application)
  • CV (detailing your previous working experiences)

Work permit applications for foreign workers to open in August under more favourable conditions

From the third of August, foreign workers can reapply for the single permit, which is both a work and residence permit. Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat said that due to the pandemic, foreign workers were not being allowed to come to Malta and will now be given nine-months instead of six-months to procure a visa and come to Malta.

From August 3, business owners who want foreign workers can apply online through the Identity Malta website. Agency’s Chief Executive, Anton Sevasta said that those who had already applied and who could not come to Malta due to pandemic-related restrictions, would be given a nine-month automatic extension to have sufficient time to obtain a visa and arrive in Malta.

Mr Sevasta said that Identity Malta would be sending letters to those whose permission to come to Malta had expired. He said the pending applications will be re-analyzed in the light of developments and the work situation and whoever is involved will be contacted in the coming days.

Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship Alex Muscat said that despite the economic and social challenges posed by COVID-19, the authorities had received many requests from various business owners and contractors due to an urgent need for foreign workers.

“The remote gaming sector, construction, road construction, have kept going and don’t have enough workers and need to employ foreigners.”

Identity Malta will also be accepting applications from football clubs for professional football players provided they are in conformity with health regulations as stipulated in the relevant legal notices.

Mr Muscat said that the extension of the permit for nine months is being granted in the hope that Malta would continue to open the airport to more countries that are so far closed, including India.