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LMIA-Based Work Permits for IT Professionals

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Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

The Canadian employer must have successfully obtained a positive Labour Market Opinion before the employer can hire a foreign national to come to Canada on a work permit. Which means that the employer must first prove that the employer could not find a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to fill the job vacancy for which the employer is planning to recruit the foreign national.

How a Canada Job Offer Can Lead to Permanent Residence?

Canada encourages applications for Permanent Residence from people with skills, abilities, education and work experience that will contribute to the Canadian economy. If you have an LMIA you get an extra 50 points on your Express Entry score for a skilled worker and up to 200 points for an executive position.

Receiving a positive LMIA for an arranged employment offer does not allow a skilled foreign worker to automatically immigrate to Canada. In order for skilled foreign workers to become permanent residents, they must meet all the requirements under the Express Entry immigration process Fortunately, for IT professionals, this can easily be achieved because of the following reasons:

Requirement of specialized skills: IT professionals comes with a variety of skills. The term IT or “Information Technology” itself is a very broad term, and it applies to almost all industries across Canada. This provide IT/Tech professionals a lot of flexibility when they look for options to come to Canada on a work permit. Because it is often difficult to find Canadian citizens or permanent residents who meet the accurate requirements of the job for which the employer is looking to hire, it is comparatively easy for employers to obtain positive LMIAs (Labour Market Impact Assessments) for people who are IT/Tech professionals.

Universal nature: Technology is universal. Languages may change from one county to the other, but programming languages do not. Similarly, systems and technology hardly change from one country to the other, unlike banking, healthcare, etc. This mitigates one main risk that bothers many Canadian employers – cultural and/or linguistic differences and its implications in the workplace. Because of this fact, LMIA applications structured for IT/Tech workers are more likely to succeed.

Evolving nature of the IT industry: The IT industry is the world’s fastest growing and evolving industry. Because of this, it is a widely accepted fact that Canadian employers will be required to hire foreign workers to meet the need. This also contributes to knowledge-sharing by the foreign worker to Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents.

IT Professionals required for Toronto

A Degree with minimum 2 years of experience in the following domain.

NET Full Stack Developer with experience in

Primary Stack – C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL, and JavaScript frameworks such as React and Redux.

Secondary Skills:- Agile, Scrum, JSON, REST, MVC, JavaScript Angular JS or React JS AWS/ Azure.NET Core and also CI/CD

Salesforce Developer with experience in

Primary Skill – Java, Salesforce

Secondary Skill – UNIX/Linux, Spark, SQL, Oracle, Lightning, Apex, VF pages, triggers, customizations, Web Services and API’s

Certification – Salesforce certified is highly preferred

Mobile Developer / Business Applications

Primary Skill – C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL, and JavaScript frameworks such as React and Redux. Experience with both iOS and Android native apps. Objective C & Swift for iOS and Java and Kotlin languages for Android, Integration with Epic MyChart SDKs & APIs

Senior Frontend Developer (React, Redux)

Primary Skill – Node.js, React, and Redux, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, JavaScript ES6+, React, Hooks, and proficiency in React Native

Secondary Skill – Webpack, modern JavaScript frameworks (Vue.js, ReactJs, Angular), REST, JSON

Senior Frontend Developer (Angular, TypeScript)

Primary Skills:- Node.js, Angular & TypeScript, and IONIC framework RESTful API – Swagger, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, JavaScript ES6+,

Secondary Skills:- good sense of UI/UX, Webpack, modern JavaScript frameworks (Vue.js, ReactJs)

Java Developer/Azure

Primary Stack – Linux on Azure, Postgres/CosmosDB/Kafka/RabbitMQ, Java and rails services deployed as docker containers, Mesos container orchestration, HAProxy-based service mesh, Wavefront metrics, Azure Data Explorer log aggregation, PagerDuty alerting

Salary starts from: CAD 38.46/hr 

Business Analysts, are responsible for analyzing a business domain that involves various activities like understanding the user needs, policy, operation of a particular business and defining the requirements for that business.

Strong knowledge or Expertise in Following Technologies:

1.Web Technologies: (ASP.NET, MVC Framework, CMS, SQL Server)

2.Open source Technology: PHP, Zend Framework, CakePHP, Core PHP, Symphony, CodeIgnitor 3.CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), Ecommerce, MySql database

4.Mobile Technologies: iOS, Android.

Expertise in Test Driven Development and Testing Automation

Salary Starts from CAD 38.79/hr


Quality Analysts or Quality Engineers or Testers, that will check for the quality of the service or the product delivered to the customer and they will ensure that the service provided or the product delivered meets the required standards.

  1. Has played the role Software Process/ Quality Assurance executive
  2. Providing a Quality Assurance function to IT projects
  3. Excellent knowledge of IT project management
  4. Deployment of CMMI practices
  5. Strong computer skills and knowledge of QA databases and applications.
  6. Experience in quality inspection, auditing, and testing.
  7. Bachelor’s Degree or higher in IT/Computer OR Certified Professional.
       Salary Starts from CAD 38.79/hr


Database administrators (DBAs) set up databases according to a company’s needs and make sure they operate efficiently. They work with technology, using specialized types of software to store and organize a company’s data. This could include a variety of information, from confidential financial numbers, to payroll data, to customer shipping records.

A DBA makes sure that data is available to users, and that it’s kept secure from unauthorized access or accidental loss or corruption. Experience in Databases like MySQL, SQL server, Mongo DB etc.

  • In-depth knowledge of SQL.
  • In-depth knowledge of IBM and BMC database Utilities (reorgs, run stats, image copy, point in time recoveries) and knowledge of how to expand and reduce tablespaces or similar.
  • In-depth understanding of JCL and TSO or similar.
  • Working knowledge of BMC Performance toolset along with IBM’s QMF product or similar
  • Experience in writing technical documentation.
  • Good understanding of ACF2, the z/OS Operating System, CA Job Scheduler, and VSAM files, DB2 COBOL programs and DB2 COBOL Subroutines or similar

      Salary starts from CAD 38.46/hr 



Specific Requirements:

Angular Framework Developer

React Framework Developer

Vue Framework Developer

C# with Block chain experience

Meteor Full Stack Framework

Express/Next Framework

Aurelia Framework

Node Platform

Ember Developer

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